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Company Profile:

Founded in 2003 in Chiang Mai under Thailand Board of Investment privileges, we are contract manufacturer for OEM products, Cable Harnesses and PCB Assembly for the automotive industry, RFID-Readers, RFID-Tags, Sensors, Macromelt Products, CNC parts, molding and more.

The company is under German / Austrian management with approximately 130 employees.





Company Profile:

With our qualifications and experience, we are able to implement your projects on time and in an economically optimized manner.

The field of activity ranges from the construction of all types of structures and structures to the handling of construction tasks to environmental issues and management tasks, including scheduling and cost planning.

Company Profile:

As an animal nutrition company, BIOMIN develops and produces feed additives, premixes and services for healthy and profitable animals. Our solutions cover mycotoxin risk management and natural growth promotion for swinepoultryruminants and aquaculture.

Company Profile:

Thaimed Hightech is a member of MAM – BAMED group of companies, which is the world leader in baby products. 
Founded in 2016 in Kabinburi Industrial Zone, Prachinburi under Thailand Board of Investment privileges.
We produce MAM Baby products, Teethers, Soft brush, Safety Shield and exporting throughout the world.

Andritz AG
Engineered success

Company Profile:

Andritz AG is an Austrian plant engineering group with headquarters in Graz. The group gets its name from the district of Andritz in which it is located and is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Andritz employs more than 30,000 employees at over 250 production and service facilities.


Company Profile:

Innovative power and research – success factors which earned iSi’s global market leadership in pressurized gas cylinders. What started in Vienna in 1865, is today a global player: The iSi Group is present worldwide with production and sales facilities, selling products to more than 80 countries. We provide customized solutions for all applications in which compressed energy is required in the form of pressurized gas chargers.

Create. Inovate. Inspire

Company Profile:

“Noventa has been founded in 1994 in Switzerland, Diepoldsau. Noventa sees itself as a provider of outsourced services. Noventa develops, designs and manufactures functional assemblies and complete product systems for a big variety of industries. Through its rational implementation of Kaizen, the philosophy of continuous improvement, Noventa is now seen as an exemplar of lean production in Switzerland. Around 240 people are employed at the Diepoldsau site, 250 in its subsidiaries in Thailand and 240 at Interpart Production srl which in Romania.


Noventa (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and is located at 304 Industrial Park in Prachinburi Province. The key objective in Thailand is to provide their services to Thai and Western Companies as well as other Asian and international industries. At the manufacturing plant in Thailand, Noventa offers services such as project management, mould development and sourcing, Industrialization, injection moulding and functional product assemblies and also all related services in cooperation with Noventa AG in Switzerland.

Company Profile:

In the fields of fittings and damping systems for high-voltage overhead transmission lines in this world, the companies belonging to KNILL Energy are strategic partners of international utilities. Besides holistic turnkey systems, which will always be adapted to local conditions, well-aimed development and production of customer specific components is a special asset.

Company Profile:

Innovative Luft- und Umwelttechnik im industriellen Bereich ist seit 50 Jahren die Domäne von Scheuch. Ob Absaugung, Entstaubung, Förderung, Rauchgasreinigung oder Anlagenbau, Scheuch ist Markt- und Kompetenzführer in vielen Bereichen und bietet seinen Kunden anwendungsspezifische und hochwertige Problemlösungen für ihre Luft- und Umweltthemen.

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